I haven’t been blogging.  I’ve been soaking up the last bits of summer to carry us through the soggy winter.  Hiking, playing, kayaking, sewing, watching baseball, lazing around.  Bliss.  Now we have one off at kindergarten, and one taking advantage of the quiet house to catch up on napping.  Time to write!

So, we moved and I’ve been working out of the dining room and at coffee shops.  A laptop certainly makes it easier to be flexible with writing in general, but to get down to the meat I need to have piles of notes, post its, a bulletin board- basically a big mess.  We’ve been working on the basement, but I’m not very patient, and the area we had planned for my office never felt right.

I’ve always admired garden studios.  I’m kind of a hobbit by nature, so having a cozy little den for work appeals to me.  I ordered the plans for Readymade’s mod shed a while back, but they’ve been gathering dust.  I’ve coveted Denise’s studio, Marla’s studio (click on the moon), and then Jaime made an awesome studio out of her shed.  There was a little bit in Sunset Magazine on lovely garden studios, and I started doing a little research.  Long story short:  In the interest of green-ness (and cheapness!) we procured a cute old shed on Craigslist that someone is moving and rebuilding in a corner of our garden.  It should be here in parts tomorrow, and all ready to go next week.  Yeehah!  I’ll post some pics of the process.

If you’re thinking:  You don’t need a garden studio, you fruitcake! You’re not an artist! Writers do it, too!  

There is a whole movement of people who work in their sheds in the U.K.  The Brits are on to something!  There’s a great site devoted to shedworking.  Here’s a messageboard thread full of inspirational pictures.  

Just in case you need even more studio porn- here’s a peek at some before and after shots of S.Britt’s Portland studio (via Drawn).

And some other stuff:

Plot This pointed me toward an interview on AdLit with Kate DiCamillo.

Where are the parents in YA?  Librarilly Blonde looks for them (via Under the Covers).

If you’re around Seattle:  It’s September!  The new season of  SCBWI WWA professional programming has begun.  Tomorrow we’re featuring Alexandra Penfold from Paula Wiseman/Simon & Schuster.  Come a little bit early for the announcement slides and you might just get a sneak peek at our faculty for the spring conference.  See you there!

I leave you with an experiment in healthier brownies and a picture of my kayak-loving pooch.


P.J.- Captain of the kayak.

P.J.- Captain of the kayak.

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