Alright, I am STILL recuperating, but as Pam Coughlan reported- the kidlitosphere waits for no woman.  Plus, I have incriminating photos.

You know the weekend is kicking off to a great start when one of your roommates (Future blogger Dana Arnim) busts open a mini-bar disguised as a toiletry carry on.


You know the weekend is going to be noisy when you glance out the window and see a runway.  It wasn’t as noisy as you would think.  Overall, the Portland Airport Sheraton was a lovely facility.


People think blogging isn’t glamorous, but check out the fabulousness of Kidlitosphere attendees like Suzanne Young and Lee Wind.

Or how about Readergirlz divas Holly Cupala, Lorie Ann Grover, and Dia Calhoun?  Congratulations to Holly, the newest diva!









And we can’t forget the lovely conference organizers, Laini Taylor and Jone Rush MacCulloch.  Thanks, ladies!

Here is the charming Gregory Pincus bestowing wisdom upon us.  Natural. Born. Speaker.

Who knew a purple wig would look so dashing?  Deb Lund did!  I think she was going for monsterous, but I say glamorous!

I don’t know what Lee was saying to Mark Blevis here, but it looks important.










And the newest and most enthusiasic blogger to Kidlitosphere, Jolie Stekly, taking a break to…ummm…blog. 


After all the conferencing we had a lovely dinner.  I was lucky enough to be at the aptly named “Woo Hoo Table.”  Matt Holm and Suzanne Young already blogged about it, and I’m sure other people will mention it.  We were big winners.  We were gracious in the beginning, a bit cocky in the middle, and nervous at the end.  We made out like bandits, and I think Mark Blevis was organizing a posse to kick some ass.  

We were worried, so we ditched Suzanne and Matt.  We coerced Kirby Larson into luring Betsy Bird to our room.  There was chocolate involved.













I can’t tell you what happened next (YET!), but Betsy was doing something fabulous with Jaime Temairik, and the rest of us were intrigued.  Who knew there were paparazzi in kid lit?









That’s all I have for now, but really.  Could you handle any more?  I have more pictures, but I can’t reveal them yet.  It was great to meet everybody, and I wish I could have met more of you.  Maybe I did.  I don’t know.  I’m STILL hungover.  

This weekend fondly dedicated to Chuck Van Pelt!

You can read much more at the conference from the link list here.

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