Wow, I’ve been out of commission for a week!  Sorry about that.  You wouldn’t have wanted me to blog about gastrointestinal issues anyway, so let’s move on….  I’ll try and pick up the slack this week.

Lots of big stuff going on, but you’ve probably already heard that today is the last day for Cybil nominations?  Ok, how about kid lit bloggers signing up to explain why they think it’s important to vote?  Good stuff.  How about the finalists for the National Book Awards?  Then we’re basically all caught up.

Last week I was able to meet Jon Scieszka, the Ambassador of Young People’s Literature, at Third Place Books.  He was the perfect combination of smart, delightful, humble, and goofy.  Even my almost-two year old was flirting with him, and she is not easily charmed.  Anyway, we made small talk for a while and then HUNDREDS OF KIDS poured into the store.  Ambassador Scieszka wasn’t phased at all.  They sat down, he went up to the podium, and he started talking.  He showed them the Ambassador Medal (They “ohhhhed.”) .  He held up a few of the books he wrote (They nodded emphatically.).  He mentioned how he helped with the Time Warp Trio TV show (They gasped in awe.).  He told jokes, and they were rolling in the aisles.  It was a sight to behold.  

If the writing and the Ambassadoring don’t work out for him, he could maybe give lessons on how to talk to kids.  They loved him.

We have a lot of apples right now in Washington.  A LOT.  I’m still learning the varieties, but I’m pretty sure my favorite for snacking is a Honeycrisp.  I usually stick with a Granny Smith for baking, but if any apple afficianados have another suggestion, do tell.   Last week I made this sour cream apple pie yumminess from Posie Gets Cozy.  It was delicious.  Now I see some experimenting with apple pancakes over at Not Martha.  I might need to write an ode to apple country.

More tomorrow…

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