Jay Asher challenged we of the kid lit world to post our senior pictures.  Jolie posted hers and challenged the rest of the Seattle gang.  She practically triple dog dared me, so here it is.  It took me a while to find one.  My hair was aqua net auburn and the make up was thick, but it’s not so bad in comparison to how I looked as a sophmore.  My hair was HUGE, permed, and blonde.  I was a bit of a rocker girl, and those pictures you won’t see.

Here are a few good links-

Cheryl Klein talks about plot problems.

How to build your own press kit.

Plus, a good blog about promoting your book.

Guys Lit Wire talks about 826- one of my favorite organizations.

And Bookshelves of Doom sews up a Harriet the Spy pillow- with a pocket for a book!  Genius!

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