My 1st Annual Holiday Gift Guide:

For the friend who would appreciate more noise from their pencil:  The Drawdio Kit.  

For the person who needs a more pleasant kind of paper cut: Nikki McClure stuff

For anyone awesome you want to drop $130 on: You can make a  muppet at FAO Schwartz.  A MUPPET!

For the person who likes to give with the gift you gave: Kiva

For Jaime lovers: A Three Bears print

For everyone: Books! Books! Books!


Think my ideas suck?  Then go browse around for that perfect something this weekend at Urban Craft Uprising.  If you’re not in Seattle, or you just want to stay home try Etsy.  Or make something yourself.




People are painting their hands (via Make).

A few of these links are a week or two old, but I saved them for you so here they are.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast featured Robert Neubecker, who illustrated my friend Deb Lund‘s fantastic Monsters on Machines.  

Just One More Book interviewed Writers House agent Rebecca Sherman.

You probably heard about Houghton Mifflin Harcourt freezing acquisitions.  Anastasia Suen reports that the hold doesn’t apply to the Children’s Division, and it’s not that big of a deal.  Good news, but we still know that publishing is hurting.  Buy more books!

MotherReader interviewed Lisa Papademitriou, who will be at the SCBWI WWA conference in May.

I’m obviously having a hard time blogging regularly.  

I always think I’ll be more productive when the weather cools down.  More time indoors for household tasks, writing, crafting- but I’m never as productive as I plan to be.  The kids get sick, company is coming, holidays…. I’ve been reading a lot, and writing a lot.  Just not here.  I’ve been reading blogs, too.  A lot of new blogs from the Comment Challenge.  There are a lot of fabulous blogs out there with good information.  Anything I would have posted was already posted all over the place and it felt redundant.  I think I had blog burnout.

Last but not least, I applaud anyone who attempted NaNoWriMo, or had big goals like 5,000 words a day last month (like Holly and Jolie).  You are inspiring and I applaud you!

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