I’ve taken up a challenge that Jolie threw out to make a hefty goal for December. I am a donkey in need of a carrot on a stick.  I’ve been a bit scattered lately so I’ll be instituting more deadlines and a reward system.  I vow to make my manuscript draft readable for others, so that I can get feedback.  I tend to skip around with scenes and such.  I need to compile everything so it’s more cohesive.  I finished the draft and felt joyous and accomplished…until I realized how much more work it still needs.  My goal was to have it ready for submission by the end of the year, but I think I’m a month or six off.

I received an early Christmas present from my husband.  I mentioned that I coveted a Flip video camera, he did his gadget research, and got excited about getting a Kodak Zi6.  It’s easy and fun. No tapes!  Videos soon.

Speaking of videos, here is one of a recently discovered SQUID WITH ELBOWS.  He looks a little menacing, doesn’t he? Just treading water…watching.  They found him off the coast of Texas, but his image will flash in my mind on all future kayak trips in Puget Sound.  Just when I was conquering my fear of sharks…

Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

Sarah Pennypacker has a new cute website.  I heard she’s working on some new Flat Stanleys.  

stanI had not heard about Flat Stanley…the musical

Jon Scieszka on NPR.  

There is a teacher in San Diego who is selling ad space on tests to make up for the funds he’s not getting from the state.  


I am craving snow.  I wish it snowed a little bit more here.  Sure, snowy mountains to visit are nearby, but I like watching it through the window and playing in the yard.  I grew up in the Rockies, so I associate December with snow.  I don’t miss the dingy melting snowdrifts and the funky slush puddles, but I love the fresh stuff.


Do I have any readers outside of Washington?  Is it snowing where you are?

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