Which Superhero are you? (via Big A little a)  I am Superman.  Who knew?

The Boston Globe-Horn Book awards have been announced.  Good stuff on there.

The Edge of the Forest has a new issue.

Beverly Cleary interviewed by Highlights.  It has been 59 years since Henry Huggins! 

Ask Allison debates the pros and cons of book doctors.

Do kids still play MASH?

Kids hiking through HohWe were off camping on the coast this week.  It was the inaugural trip for our 18 month old.  She loved it. Today we will decompress and wash the sand from the sleeping bags.

Often, when I’m deep in a writing project I can’t stop thinking of other projects that have nothing to do with writing.  I have big urges to sew, plant, paint- create!  And the new writing projects- oh, the writing projects!  I have picture books, more middle grade novels, fantasies- all waiting impatiently for me to start writing them.  Should I start writing these stories before my brain loses them, or stick to my revisions?  Procrastination tactics or creative juices?  Psyche, be kind.