It’s very awkward to be asked to give feedback on a manuscript that sucks.  I have a hard time striking a balance between polite and honest.  Neil Gaiman gives some advice, with the help of Jane Yolen.  Big Universe has more on reviewing bad manuscripts.  Play it safe and follow Jane’s example of making a brutal honesty disclaimer pre-read.  

Libba Bray goes through the ups and downs of a writer’s relationship with their novel.

Where the Wild Things Are is probably still coming to the big screen.  I hope so.  I love Dave Eggers (who wrote the screenplay), but I really love Spike Jonze.  Maurice Sendak through the eyes of the man who directed Being John Malkovich?  Yes, please.

Jaime Temairik is a hoot. That’s her down below.  Yes, the one on the right.  She wears a lot of costumes.  Maybe she has a secret identity.  We won’t out her here, just in case.  She is blogging like crazy over at Chompoblog.  Jaime turned a shed into a studio! The one on the left is the lovely and talented and soon to be European resident Kirsten Carlson.  Fine ladies, the pair of them.


SCBWI WWA Conference 2008

SCBWI WWA Conference 2008



Picture book makers, rejoice!  Cynsations reports that the July 7th issue of Time magazine claims more babies born in 2006 than any year since 1961.  It’s a baby boom!  What will they read?

What happens if you don’t want to make a change in the editorial letter?  Will you get a slap down?  Find yourself one shy of an editor?  Editorial Anonymous breaks it down.

The Class of 2k8 has compiled a fantastic list of online resources for writers.  There’s a lot to read over there, so I’m going to let you go now.