Carl Hiaasen and Mike Lupica are making a pilot for HBO?  You had me at Hiaasen (via The Longstockings).

Speaking of Longstockings, Cynsations interviewed editor/author/supermultitasker Lisa Graff.

Sara Crowe, kid lit agent at Harvey Klinger, has started a blog.  Go visit Crowe’s Nest.

Neil Gaiman works out of a shed, too.  

I’m not working out of a shed.  Yet. The shed is still in progress.  Our carpenter said he’d be done in a week, but it was not to be so.  They should finish the roof today, and start working on the interior.  I’m ready to move in!  I bought a lamp!

Ok, here are some more progress shots.  I’ve lost track of time, but this is what’s happened in the last ten days or so.
































My shed has a porch! And it will have a green roof.  Yay!  We’re debating what color to paint the outside.  My husband says he should get input on the exterior colors.  HA! HA, I say (Hi honey!).  I want it to be bright and artsy.  I’m thinking periwinkle blue with a yellowish green trim.  He likes red.  What say you?

Off to exercise, and then write. My manuscript is shaping up nicely and I’m anxious to get back to it.

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