Time for….another poll!

I typically do not. I spend my days with two small children and (usually) write at night.  I get distracted by music and lose my train of thought.  Once in a while I’ll play something without lyrics (like classical), or an album that I know very well that can sink into the background and help set a mood.  Rachel Cohn mentioned in her keynote at the SCBWI conference this summer that she often listens to loud rock and punk while she’s writing.  I’m thinking that I’ll regain the focus to be able to rock out while I write in a few years when the kids get bigger.  When the kids get bigger I won’t have foggy brain all the time, right?  Right?!?

Craftzine features a quilt for the painter in the house:

















This week Mitali Perkins blogged about race in novels and whether or not an author should describe a character’s race. Good stuff!  I have a mixed heritage (Hispanic and Caucasian, if you’re curious.), and as a kid I was hungry for characters and settings that I could relate to on a cultural level.  

There wasn’t a lot.  There still isn’t.

I am all for authentic ethnicity in characters, and it’s nice when it’s obvious.  I was thrilled as a child to come across a Hispanic character in a book, and a hell of a lot more thrilled when it was a character that wasn’t a stereotype.  On the other hand, when a writer decides to give their protagonist a best friend/sidekick with ‘cappuccino’ skin, it is irksome and clunky.

M.T. Anderson over at Through the Tollbooth, with a contest!

You need an agent, and not just any agent. One that follows up, says Moonrat.

Writers of Seattle- you should sign up for the Write-O-Rama at Hugo House.

I am giving myself a deadline!  I declare to have this draft of my manuscript done by Halloween.