Ok, I was browsing craft blogs this morning and I came across a couple of things that might work for a crafty writer and/or illustrator.  We can be pretty crafty, right?

First:  You can make your own cookie cutters (instructions are here).  camel_cutter

“What? What does a cookie cutter have to do with kid lit?”  You say.  

“Book launch.”  I say.  Stay with me.  

What’s your book about?  Squirrels on motorcycles take a cross country trip and fight an evil blob?Okey dokey.  You are baking cookies to give your book launch that personal touch, right?  And sending some to your editor?  And your favorite librarian? Great.  Now, are you going the chocolate chip route, or the custom-squirrels-on-motorcycles-kick-ass-sugar-cookie route?  Alright, then.  Thank you, Craft blog.

They also posted a lovely photo of a knitted up tree by Carol Hummel.


pobag1Ok, one more.  Do you carry big piles of manuscripts to the post office in a multiple submission bonanza?  Do they slip out of your hands and land in the scummy gutter?  Do you think muddy manila sends the right message to the editors and/or agents you wish to woo?  Whip up this handy dandy Post Office Bag (via Sew Mama Sew).








“This post is totally random!”  You’re muttering.  Yes!  Let’s keep it going, shall we?  Are you writing a story with a scene about a small child seeing a live lobster for the first time?  You’ve probably been wondering how such an interaction would go.  Here is the answer.

If you don’t read Fuse #8, you should.  That Betsy Bird is always posting great information and I think about linking it here, but then I assume that you already know because you read Fuse #8. Right? Like today, she pointed out that Bowen Press has a blog.  

Last but not least, I’m going to make this TWO POSTS IN A ROW relating to kid lit, philanthropy, and hair.  I’m guessing this will be the last time that ever happens.

Adam Rex (Author, Illustrator, Nice Guy, & Keynote Speaker at the upcoming conference) is growing a mustache to help underfunded students in Philadelphia, but he needs pledges!  Go support Adam’s commitment to cultivate face whiskers.

Go on, there’s nothing else happening here.