My friend Jolie Stekly has some fabulous news that you can read about here. Congratulations, Jolie!  We already know you’re fabulous, and now the world will know, too!

What makes Jolie so fabulous, you ask?  Here is just one example.

A few months ago a gang of us headed south to Portland for the Kidlitosphere conference put on by Jone and Laini.  We had fun.

Jaime enlisted our help to make a sock puppet zombie video interview with Betsy Bird, and we complied.  You might have seen the video.  You might have wondered how many people squeezed behind the bed, and whether or not it was fun.  Now you know.

zombiebedClockwise from the top left: moi, Laurie Thompson, Kirby Larson, Jolie Stekly, Betsy Bird, and Dana Arnim.  

Jaime was working the camera.

Thanks for the picture, Dana!

Speaking of Laini, she’s speaking at the SCBWI Western Washington meeting tomorrow.  Come say hi!