Do agents get more candid when you ply them with Mexican food and wine? Yes!

Daphne Unfeasible shared that link while live-blogging queries again. 

The Newbery has been kicked around a lot lately, and now a Newbery winner is responding.  Susan Patron wrote an op-ed piece for the L.A. Times this weekend, and what an eloquent response it is.

Barbara O’Connor reflects over some dead matter, and is that much wiser for it.  

That’s it.  Nice and short today.  I’ve been trying to do things the hard way lately, and it’s been sucking up my time.  This morning I whined to my husband, the video game programmer, that I’m having trouble with spreadsheets and websites.  Sometimes I get so caught up in a project that calls for some technical brain power that I don’t have, I just try and sludge through and  forget who I live with.  He knows these things!  A few tap, tap, taps and I’m back in business.  We’re a good pair!  Together our left brainedness and right brainedness make a complete, functional brain!  Now if only the kids had inherited his British accent, but I guess that would require another move.  I don’t think so.