Creative Kismet organized a bird ornament swap, and I signed up.  My month isn’t crazy enough, so I agreed to make five birds.  Scratch that, SIX birds.  There is a direct correlation between my manuscript needing revisions and craft projects I feel compelled to take on.

Six birds!

Anyway, I made a test bird, and here it is.

Giveaway birdHe’s migratory, so the underside of his wings are made of maps.  

A bird with map wings needs to fly, so he’ll fly off to someone else’s house (If anyone wants him).  Just leave me a comment and, uh, name one of your favorite books from your elementary school years.  Or name a kid’s book with a bird.  Or say something else.  

I’ll pick someone randomly on Thursday morning, and you’ll get a bird!

There are lots of birds being given away, just go here