Wow, I had no idea how many people would be interested in my little map bird! Thank you!   I’ll close the comments tonight and announce his new home in the morning.  I think I’ll have giveaways more often. Maybe some books next time.

Back to the kid lit!

Powell’s presents an original essay by the lovely and talented Sara Zarr on recurring themes in fiction. 

Through the Tollbooth has been focusing on middle grade.  There’s more here.  Yay, for me!  

How about a Scrabble keyboard?  You could work out a point system for your manuscript!  Triple word score!

A while back I blogged about cloud lights, and now Swiss Miss has showed me cloud cushions!  I need a cloud room.


My friend Kjersten Hayes is a paper artist.  She made a lovely video on making a book dragon illustration.   

I ordered some new business cards from Moo.  They were good fun to make, the price is good, and I like the quality of the ones I’ve seen.  The only problem is, I put my new unfinished website on the card.  So, if I want to give any out I should probably finish the website.  Sigh.

I’m getting ready for the SCBWI Winter Conference next week in New York.  I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t been to New York for a few years, so a trip is overdue.  We’re leaving a couple of days early for a few meetings and a secret mission.  If you’re at the conference, say hi!