Joni Sensel is giving good revision advice as a guest blogger over at Darcy Pattison’s blog.  

She’s also launching a book.  A great book, as a matter of fact.  Yay, Joni!


Do you know how revenue from a book is broken down?  Here you go.

Speaking of book buying… do you do it?  How often? And what do you buy? One of the agents in that Poets & Writers interview mentioned that a writer who does not buy books is a hypocrite.  If you want to be published, and you want people to buy your books, than you should be buying debut novels and new releases.  

Do you agree?  

I do, but I admit that I don’t buy many debut novels.  I buy friends’ books, and books I’ve been excited about, but the majority of my reading material comes from the library.  I’m going to make a resolution to buy more new releases.

My mom gave me a mug when I was a kid covered with a tumble of elephant outlines.  A friend of hers grabbed it one day and pointed out that the elephants on the mug were engaged in a wild, elephant orgy.  They laughed about it, and a few days later I secretly studied the cup.  

I forgot all about that little inadvertent sex ed. until Dan Santat posted about his parents, and the souvenir they lovingly brought him.

Mac question:

I have to quit and reload Safari ALL THE TIME because pictures don’t load and website formatting goes all wonky.  Does anyone have a solution for this?  Safari crashes a lot, too.  Anytime I mention it to a Mac-using friend they look at me like I’m some crazy impostor just posing as a Mac user to spread evil lies and tell me they’ve never had that problem.  I get it.  It’s me.  But, how do I fix it?  It’s had this problem from the beginning.    The geniuses at the Apple bar can never fix it.  I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Leopard.  I’ve tolerated it for two years, but it’s gradually getting worse.  Any suggestions?  Please?