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Behold!  The first trailer for Where the Wild Things Are:

What do you think?  I think I love Spike Jonze.

Want another video?  Then watch this kid.  I think I love this kid, too. Thanks to Dan Santat for the link, via Facebook.

Hey fantasy lovers!  Great Britain is issuing a series of stamps of mythical creatures.

Agents, agents everywhere.

An interview with ICM’s  Tina Wexler.

Two new agents join Firebrand.

And Mark McVeigh is launching his very own literary agency.

Agents sell books, and the bookstores sell the books, and some bookstores are more interesting than others.  Thanks to Crooked House for the link.

Do you regret never taking a pysch class at Yale, or some poli sci via MIT?  Well, now you can watch the lectures from your couch for free.

Time to go get the kid from school.  This blog post brought to you by peace and quiet.  And the letter G.

Time is zippy!  I’ve been 34 for ten whole days, but I haven’t announced the recipient of the First Annual Wagging Tales Blogoversary Giveaway.

Here was the scientific process:

Me:  Honey, pick a number under 15.

Husband: 9.

(I count down to the ninth comment on the blogoversary post…)


Kjersten, I have a happy little package all ready to send out just as soon as I make something to slip in there.

Kjersten has good mojo this month.  Did you know that she got to introduce Kadir Nelson at the Children’s Literature Conference at Western Washington University earlier this month?  She did a great job, too. The whole conference was a day of inspiration.

Do you know what’s better than a day of inspiration?!?

TWO days of inspiration!  There are still a few spots left for the SCBWI Western Washington’s 18th Annual Writing and Illustrating for Children Conference.  I’m not bluffing about that “few spots” bit either.  Last time I checked we were over 90% capacity.

What’s holding you back? You live too far?  We have people coming from all over the place! Oregon, Arizona, New Jersey, Manitoba (!)…  And, the conference is conveniently located right in a nice hotel.  Come get inspired by Adam Rex, Ellen Hopkins, Grace Lin, Jon Scieszka, and many, many more.

I wish there was a way of getting you to watch this trailer for 30 seconds, and then guessing what book it’s based on.  You couldn’t. Thanks to Kids Lit for the link.

Help I.N.K. create a logo!

Fuse #8 is already making Caldecott and Newbery predictions for 2010.

If you’re going to have something skittering around your house on it’s own accord, why not get crafty to make it more creepy?

Nathan Bransford (who will be at the conference I mentioned up yonder) wants to help you figure out what your character wants.

Why is it that anytime I decide to start eating healthier, all I want to do is make overnight cinammon rolls?!?  Geesh.

Betsy Bird is conducting a big ol’ picture book poll, and you should participate, too.


The Let’s Just Get This Out of the Way Category:   Where the Wild Things Are

written & illustrated by Maurice Sendak

This is going to be on A LOT of lists.  A LOT.  I was going to leave it off of my list, because I knew it would be covered, but I can’t.  Is there another book more cited as inspiration for authors and illustrators?  Not that I’ve heard.  In his talk on Saturday, Brian Selznick pointed out subtle choices Mr. Sendak made to make it all the more wonderful, and I have a new appreciation.


The Favorite Book from my Childhood Category:   Tell Me a Mitzi

writtten by Lore Segal & illustrated by Harriet Pincus

This was my go to book as a child.  I was a little kid in Wyoming enchanted by the city scenes, the autonomous kids, unique format, and the subtle details in the art.  One of the great underappreciated books, in my opinion.


Change of Perspective Category (tie):   The Night Worker

written by Kate Banks & illustrated by Georg Hallensleben

More people living in the city!  And working at night!  Kids like to think that the world turns off when they go to sleep, and this books shows them it’s not true.  Mindblowing.  Bonus points for non-white characters.

arabooliesThe Araboolies of Liberty Street

written by Sam Swope & illustrated by Barry Root

Extreme neighbors, colorful art, and a challenge to conformity and fascism.  Name another picture book like that.


The Diabolical Zoo category (tie):   Pssst!

written & illustrated by Adam Rex

Simple, yet sharp, and very, very funny.  Great attention to detail.



Slow Loris

by Alexis Deacon

Never make assumptions about speed-challenged primates.


The Wish We Were There Category (tie):   Night of the Moonjellies

written & illustrated by Mark Shasha

This book sparks envy in my kid every time we read it.  First, he wants to get a gig in a food stand.  Then he wants to take a boat out after dark to find a herd of glowing jellyfish.  I do, too.


The Adventures of Polo

by Regis Faller

Polo travels from the depths of the ocean, to outer space, to a monkey party, and beyond.  And then, home to read.  Wordlessly.


The Pulling a Kid into The Story Category:   The Monster at the End of the Book

written by Jon Stone & illustrated by Mike Smollin

What a page tuner.  I’ve never met a kid who wasn’t entirely delighted to antagonize lovable, furry old Grover.


The Bedtime Category:   The Night Eater

written & illustrated by Ana Juan

I love Ana Juan, and this one is my favorite.  Great atmosphere.

I just noticed my blog is officially one year old!  Woohoo!  Coincidentally, my blog shares a birthday with my dad, my husband’s dad, and Dr. Seuss.


This cannot go by uncelebrated.


What can we give away?


It’s a surprise (even for me)!

In honor of my blog’s first birthday, I will send a goody bag o’ fun to a randomly selected commenter (Now would be a good time to come out of lurkdom and comment, lest I get a complex that no-one-is-interested-enough-in-my-blog-to-even-get-free-presents-and-devote-the-blog-energy-to-other-pursuits.  It’s like blog birthday blackmail.).

What will be in the goody bag?  Err, candy!  Let’s start there.  You’ll get sweet stuff! And something handmade.  Yes, I’ll make you something!   Plus, probably some ink on pulp.  Who knows what I’ll throw in there?  I don’t.  But, it will be fun!

Comment on anything you like.  Got a book recommendation?  Bring it.  Did you really enjoy 30 Rock last week?  Say so!  Give me a suggestion for something to do in my last week of 33-ness.  I’ll pick a random lucky recipient next week when I’m 34.  Err, if someone leaves a comment.

Other stuff now!  Wordpress is trying to thwart my links, so they won’t be very pretty today.

Nancy Pearl talks to Mark Siegel of First Second Books here:

Betsy Bird wants to make a list of the top 100 picture books!  Send her your suggestions!  You can find more info here:

The Golden Kite Awards have been announced! And, I’m excited to hear that some of my favorite blogging buddies will be covering the SCBWI LA conference!  YAY! Details here:

The SCBWI Western Washington conference is in two months!  If you’re planning on registering, the early bird discount ends on the 9th.  Why not save money?  You shouldn’t delay anyway, because I’m guessing we’ll sell out soon.

And here is the messy link for that:

Alright, this link thing is bugging me.  It looks like they’re not even hyperlinks, so you’ll have to cut and paste.  Sorry about that.  Next time I promise to have a much more convenient post.

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