Time is zippy!  I’ve been 34 for ten whole days, but I haven’t announced the recipient of the First Annual Wagging Tales Blogoversary Giveaway.

Here was the scientific process:

Me:  Honey, pick a number under 15.

Husband: 9.

(I count down to the ninth comment on the blogoversary post…)


Kjersten, I have a happy little package all ready to send out just as soon as I make something to slip in there.

Kjersten has good mojo this month.  Did you know that she got to introduce Kadir Nelson at the Children’s Literature Conference at Western Washington University earlier this month?  She did a great job, too. The whole conference was a day of inspiration.

Do you know what’s better than a day of inspiration?!?

TWO days of inspiration!  There are still a few spots left for the SCBWI Western Washington’s 18th Annual Writing and Illustrating for Children Conference.  I’m not bluffing about that “few spots” bit either.  Last time I checked we were over 90% capacity.

What’s holding you back? You live too far?  We have people coming from all over the place! Oregon, Arizona, New Jersey, Manitoba (!)…  And, the conference is conveniently located right in a nice hotel.  Come get inspired by Adam Rex, Ellen Hopkins, Grace Lin, Jon Scieszka, and many, many more.

I wish there was a way of getting you to watch this trailer for 30 seconds, and then guessing what book it’s based on.  You couldn’t. Thanks to Kids Lit for the link.

Help I.N.K. create a logo!

Fuse #8 is already making Caldecott and Newbery predictions for 2010.

If you’re going to have something skittering around your house on it’s own accord, why not get crafty to make it more creepy?

Nathan Bransford (who will be at the conference I mentioned up yonder) wants to help you figure out what your character wants.

Why is it that anytime I decide to start eating healthier, all I want to do is make overnight cinammon rolls?!?  Geesh.