Behold!  The first trailer for Where the Wild Things Are:

What do you think?  I think I love Spike Jonze.

Want another video?  Then watch this kid.  I think I love this kid, too. Thanks to Dan Santat for the link, via Facebook.

Hey fantasy lovers!  Great Britain is issuing a series of stamps of mythical creatures.

Agents, agents everywhere.

An interview with ICM’s  Tina Wexler.

Two new agents join Firebrand.

And Mark McVeigh is launching his very own literary agency.

Agents sell books, and the bookstores sell the books, and some bookstores are more interesting than others.  Thanks to Crooked House for the link.

Do you regret never taking a pysch class at Yale, or some poli sci via MIT?  Well, now you can watch the lectures from your couch for free.

Time to go get the kid from school.  This blog post brought to you by peace and quiet.  And the letter G.