Ok, I calm-, err, I mean, Writer X has calmed down.  An ARC is on it’s way, which is fantastic since waiting until fall would have driven me straight to crazy.   It’s probably not really as similar as it seems.  I’ll give you an update once I get my anxious little paws on it.

The good news is that I’m working (Slowly, despite the threat of a smackdown.) on untangling some storylines, so it might not be too painful to steer the manuscript in a less similar direction.  Maybe it will be the catalyst I need!

Do you know how many separate book ideas I currently have knocking on my brain door?  I made a list yesterday while I was pouting.


So, even if I have to totally throw this one out (which I doubt I will), the keyboard will not go dusty.

Have I mentioned how awesome and supportive you all are?  Thank you. The comments and emails really helped me feel better, and realize I was probably being silly.

Back to work!

Nathan Bransford posted a handy dandy revision checklist.

And here is a little wisdom from the editorial ass known as Moonrat:

“I find that I, personally, feel less regretful about taking a knife to a manuscript (my own or someone else’s) when I keep a separate document where I deposit everything I’ve parted with. There’s no reason you can’t use good material in something else later, and there’s no reason you need it now (unless you NEED it now–and be honest with yourself about the difference between “need” and “really really want”).”

Happy revising!