Good grief, it takes me a long time to get into the flow of writing.  I used to blame it on my sporadic writing schedule, but I’ve been writing pretty regularly for a while now and I still can’t just jump into it.  I have to warm up for a while and then slooowwwwwlly I get into a flow.  Once I get into it I can go as long as time permits, with a few dud days here and there. I was discussing this with a certain ambassador at our regional conference.  First, he laughed and made fun of me (in a warm, ambassador-y kind of way).  Then he said most of his writing is in spurts of a few minutes, whenever he has time to spare.  Parenthood and teaching conditioned him to work this way.  I’ve got the teaching and the parenthood, but I don’t have the ability to work in short surges.  Oh, well.

How do you work??

I just received a new computer (!!!), so there should be more pictures and video in the near future.

Look what Nathan Bransford just did.  Amazing.

I want to go to Peru!  Over the next six weeks I’ll be in Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado.  I might not want to go anywhere after that.

Jen Robinson made a pretty great list of series’ featuring adventurous girls over at Booklights.

The Vermont College of Fine Arts has added a children’s literature section to their Hunger Mountain journal with the likes of Sara Zarr and Susan Patron.

What happens after your book is acquired? Check out the new blog by someone in a publishing house’s sales department- Pimp My Novel.

Everyone is twittering. The Shrinking Violets made a long list of publishing pros last month, and now, even the Pigeon.

I don’t know why I’m blogging.  I finally have a copy of When You Reach Me to read!

Let me know about your process!