So, I’m going to have a marathon writing session this weekend. Saturday and Sunday I’m holing up to pound out a draft.  Away from the distractions and interruptions of home! My sweet husband volunteered to care for the kids and pets, so it will just be me and my new computer in a hotel room. I’ve never done this before.  I’m giddy!

Revision might be too weak of a word. It’s somewhere between a revision and starting from scratch.  Same characters, big changes in the story. Let’s just call it a rewrite.  Anyway, since I’ve never done this before, I have no idea what to expect.  How many words can I possibly pump out over two days, if I’m only stopping to eat (or take a quick brain-refreshing swim)? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!

I’m not even going to watch the new Harry Potter movie, which I’ve been really geeked out about, until I’m done and heading back home on Sunday. I mean business, people! No more distractions.

Alright, maybe a few for you.

Watch the awesome video Betsy Bird made.

Can you spot the Pacific Northwest authors and illustrators making cameos?  Name one in the comments, and I’ll pick someone on Wednesday to win a prize made by yet another talented local author & illustrator!  I’ll send one lucky commenter a set of recipe cards from Jaime Temairik‘s new Kitchenette line on Etsy.

recipecardsAren’t they snazzy?  I ordered a set for myself, too. Now I can transfer the recipes I’ve jotted down on the back of old envelopes to lovely little cards. If you don’t cook, you can give the cards to the loved one who cooks for you. They deserve a gift, preparing all your meals like that. Or pass ’em out to friends and relatives to give you instructions for their tastiest dishes!

I thought I knew my way around the kitchen, but it turns out I didn’t even know the easiest way to peel a banana (via SwissMiss).