I just got home from the conference.

Sure, I could have been back on a plane weeks ago. That would have been the easy way to do it, but I took the road less traveled. Directly after the conference I met my family for 2 days at Disneyland, a day visiting family in East L.A., 2 days in Sedona, a day in New Mexico, and a few days in Colorado visiting a large portion of my immediate family.

Then we drove home to Seattle.

We logged over 3000 miles.

Did I mention that in addition to my sweet husband and me we also had our 2 year old, our 6 year old, and 2 dogs?

Our backseat looked like this, but with one more dog and a humongous pile of luggage/books/toys. And a big box of green chile. And noise.

The picture doesn’t capture the noise:


Two words. Violet Beauregarde. Blueberry infused vodka with lemonade and muddled mint. Blissfully refreshing.


The trip was great. I’ve lived in various areas of the mountains and desert most of my life. I love Seattle, but I appreciate the contrast. It was good to get back.

Here’s a little something from the trip: There are no books at Disneyland.  After I noticed that the first gift shop was free of reading material, it became a quest.  Not even a sparkly, electronic board book to be found anywhere. Really, Disney?

So- the conference….Awesome, awesome, awesome.  Thank you to the readers who came to say hi! It’s so nice to know who reads my silly ramblings. My guilt is appeased at not posting knowing you had the official SCBWI Team blog available. I didn’t take any pictures, but I had lots of fun and met many fine folks.


Watching Jolie and Sara co-win the member of the year award. Yay! Their accounts can be found here and here.

Inspirational keynotes. Sherman Alexie and Richard Peck each made me misty.

And the best thing about the conference for me was…

Linda Sue Park’s master class on revision! So much great information. Thanks, Linda Sue! And, uh, I’m not the only one who had an eventful car ride after the conference.

I’m off to write, but here are a few things to check out-

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